I speak of a country

Ever so lovely

Inside a sound

Oh friend come closer

I will unfold her

Bliss all around

Come my son

Come my daughter

Come in love

Come in honor

Oh Jagadeesha

Eternal Teacher

Bliss all around

Go with the good

Forever run

This love is strong

Burn all night long

Bless them in full

In all three worlds

My Mama said



I call to the Green Mountain State

I call to the silence you make

Do you live inside outside me

As you speak through ten thousand leaves


There’s a way

It has all ways



In the house way down by the lake

A story told in a mystic way

Those roads they roam through big fields

Those roads my heart they come steal


I call to the letters in leaves

I call to the ones we don’t see

My song is born of the wind

No end nowhere to begin


I hear a mountain song

I see them walking long

Angels they call my name

Return from where I came


All of the letters sound

Call out from sky to ground

Lions up in the snow

One breath and there we go


I go

You go

We go that Holy Country


All of the stars and sun

Run through the deepest blood

Listen to what they say

You too will find your way

You child will find your way


Oh Grandfather come and teach us song



Like an arrow and a hunter

Aiming for the thunder

All of this I wonder

Shadows on the sky


Everybody’s saying it’s unknown

Feel like a foreigner in my own home

But let me tell you darling I won’t weep

I stay awake while the country sleeps

To the sun I forever roam

Burn it down breaking out of stone

Let the King pull back that bow

And give rest to the soul


What is it like when it’s turned around

The roots go up and the branches down

Mute men speak and they sing of crowns

Only the fearless

Only the fearless

Some of them know of a love so deep

Tell me how to cross this great big sea

If you know that song better light it on fire

Come higher



He said black like obsidian

Land of the Indian

Sound out the call this is Mother’s dominion

Bird of the thunder

We don’t go under

We sing loud we don’t care for opinion

Oh sky horses

Ancestor forces

I hear the language

I hear the language deep

Wake from your sleep

Swallow up the message and tell me what you see


I see constellations burning

All the worlds they are turning

But the music is my fortress

See I heard it in a chorus


Last night I saw a blazing stallion

Running through the fields of Babylon

His dark mane on fire

Singing of a spiritual empire

It’s my war cry

Echo echo echo

Echo all skies

Echo echo echo

This is my tribe

All is inside

Mother speaking a lion She ride

Body temple

The song my home

Listen closely the sound of OM

Bow and arrow

Steadily we aim

Tell all of the people we shoot out the frame

Skulls on Her neck

Third eye go ablaze

Evil come ‘round Her sword She raise


Last night I saw a blazing stallion

Running through the fields of Babylon

His dark mane on fire

Singing of a spiritual empire

Last night I saw a blazing stallion

Coming with a full battalion

His black tongue spit flames

Burning up all evil ways



Sometimes I don't feel at home

Like exodus in my own soul

And I wanna return


Coming in again

Time to break bread

Got a couple heavy things weighing down on my head

Feeling like a child being lost in the crowd

Just can't understand how things are going down

Kinda confused in the way that we're living

We are always taking we forgot about giving

Missing how we used to talk about soul

Clouds coming in we better get back home

Don't wanna complicate 

Just wanna shake hands

Taste fruit and return to the promised land

Where we once laughed 

Kept our hearts clean

No more enemies we were on the same team


Can you love it unconditional my friend

Spread it out from beginning to the end

Spread it out across all the four seasons

Forgive all your sins and you can love without reason

I’ve been thinking about it

What does it all mean

To have a simple heart to keep both my hands clean

Wandering the village I've been wandering the land

Following the song in hopes to over stand

My man you need to reach out your hand

To forgive both ways like the sweet sun rays

Plant a couple trees for the ones we'll never see 

It's beyond you and me

Beyond what we see 

I'm waiting 

Waiting on the fable

Waiting on the song

I'll be waiting on the angel

Waiting for the bliss to come kiss both lids upon my eyes

Waiting for the righteous to rise




I was calling out your name

Before I knew from where you came

A spirit big

A spirit strong

I could hear that spirit song


O Haleakala

My mana grand mama

You say open up and live

Let that sweet love come in


Ocean bottom

Mountain sky

I and I and I and I

I go forth into the heart

Aloha spirit through the dark


O Haleakala

My mana grand mama

You say open up and live

You learn more the more you give


Brother said I Mua

And so I go forth

Mountains in the water sing songs of when we were children

The land speaks

You were always children

And you shall continue like stars

And so it is

Sit in the Earth and hear Her wisdom

She spoke through water and swaying trees

We went around Her

Cows in the pasture

We drove towards the sun

I Mua brother said

I heard it again

Do you believe in the dreaming

If not your days will be dark

The ‘aina calls to the one I once was

A song line returns

And I am happy

Thank you Great Spirit

Thank you again



Down by the bayou

Down by the bayou I saw

Good things inside you

Good things inside you they call

Into my memories of old

Tell me what you know


I saw a man there

I saw a man and sat down

I shook his hand there

I shook his hand he laughed loud

And put a question to my heart

A question oh so sharp


He said hey wish man tell me what’s your wish

Close your eyes all we got is this

Angels speak of a thing called bliss

Close your eyes all we got is this


So what to say love

So what to say when that turned

I was overwhelmed

I stood and let my house burn

As I saw horses in the sky

Let me take that ride


I walked on there

I walked on with thoughts deep

I never knew that love could dig way down and bury me

I turn and face I do not run

Another chapter has begun

Forever one


If I’m straying far away

I get down and start to pray

‘Cause I know

That my song will reach those heavens

I stand up I’m not forgetting

I know



 I greet my Lord down by the river side

It hits me almost every time

Beauty runs so deep that it's hard to sleep at night

This is the chapter of the forest 

Every line and every chorus

From my heart it comes I pour it

Into every single melody

Flame without the smoke

On this holy poetry I swear I'll never choke

Because I only speak of Narmade

Hara Hara everyday 

Lay my love down at Her waters

Calling on the mountain's daughter


No more books no more empty words

No more running away from Her

I now learn from the wind and rain

From the song of the lion's mane

As he tosses the sun and moon

I sit back and behold that tune

All glory upon Her Name

We say Hara Hara Hara Narmade


Well the simple one perspires with a face that burns like fire

That's where I lay my body down

In my dream I heard the lesson of the vault that holds the heavens

So now I gaze upon the crown

You see my woman She is stainless

I stood there at the base

Touched Her face

Saw the gods come out the mountain sweet embrace

You see Her song it can't be heard unless you let go of the world

So I laid it all down and I behold what I heard



Is it one or two

He and she and you

Does it make it three

Tell me how can we be free

Family tree has got its roots in the sky

And a broken bird can fly

Turned around and the river drains the sea

Eventually a poor man is crowned king

Mute man sings

All lost in the lion’s mane

Repeating holy names

Guns fire flowers and alligators will speak

You better check your roof it’s got a leak

Your strength is weak

All of them say

Don’t you fall asleep

Once you are awake

Oh for heaven’s sake

A fire burns the ocean and statues are in motion

Can anyone understand what I say


Turned around

The arrow strikes the hunter

Strikes him down


Kabir says what you understand is who you are

If you cling to the world then your death ain’t far

The magic is false

The magician is true

It’s clear to the wise

Is it coming clear to you

That all things will fade just like leaves fall away

On those October days blooming once again in May

The Swan shall go alone

Yes the Swan shall go alone

Looking on the world as a fair

The Swan shall go alone

So take a holy name and your suffering will seem like a hoof print in clay

That’s what Kabir say

A fire burns the ocean

Statues are in motion

Can anyone understand what I say



Tell me do you see those horses riding in my dreams

They say we were made rain rivers and streams

Harvest all your thoughts like fields of golden corn

In my hand I hold the pollen of the dawn


Walk Quietly

Walk Quietly


In the magic of the northern woods I learn

Lift your song up to the winds and watch it turn

I own nothing I own not even my soul

In the silence of the heart all things unfold


Hold your breath from all those voices that are dark

Look inside and hear that symphony of harps

If we tune them well the forest it will sing

Behold this song of many queens and kings